CBD Oil Warnings, facts or myths

CBD Oil  with high THC Warnings for pregnant and lactating women and children.

In recent months, I have developed interest in CBD Oil products and I have made a decision to share every bit of information I come across regarding this product, favorable or unfavorable. So recently I came across this CBD Oil warnings especially in pregnancy and breastfeeding and decided I have to share the information as well.

As I already stated, I use CBD oil for anxiety and depression management and I am very eager to know what other people (user) think about these products and recent research findings. My goal is to stay away from CBD oil with THC or at least go with those that contain the bare minimal level of THC such as the allowed 0.3% content.

What is CBD Oil?

This I already defined and discussed in my previous posts on CBD oil.

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As I continue to read and research on the benefits of the CBD Oil products, I also keep my eyes open for any significant side effects or potential problems with the use.

I recently came across a write up in WebMD.com that stated some warnings to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who are using CBD products and marijuana during pregnancy and lactation. This warnings were actually supported by another article by American College of Medical Toxicology 2016.

It stated that though research results are inconclusive (ACMT, 2016) but there are known dangers of using CBD Oil with high level of THC and marijuana during pregnancy and lactation as it affects the unborn child and breastfeeding infant’s health and wellbeing.

The article though supported the evidence that CBD Oil (without or with little amount of THC) which is a product of hemp or marijuana plants could be used in the treatment and management of health issues such as seizures, chronic pain, cachexia from HIV/AIDS, muscle spasms, migraines, PTSDH, glaucoma, inflammatory bowel disease and neuro-oncologic disorders.

The article also reported that CBD Oil low in THC has been used to treat and manage epilepsy. The article concluded the result as inconclusive because some of the patients continued to take their seizure or epilepsy medications while taking CBD oil during the treatment.

Warnings for pregnant and lactating mothers

CBD Oil with high level of THC and use of marijuana during pregnancy and lactation exposes the fetuses to THC as it easily crosses the placenta barrier and is also abundant in breastmilk. Perinatal exposure to marijuana is linked to poor cognitive development, low IQ scores, low cognitive function and attention disorder (Day NL, Richardson GA, Goldschmidt L, Robles N, et

Perinatal use of marijuana is also linked to increased hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention symptoms (Goldschmidt and co on effect of prenatal marijuana exposure on child behavior problems at age 10.

It is also linked to deficits in visual-motor coordination, processing speed, visual memory and interhemispheric transfer of information even up to the age of adolescence. It may be linked to psychotic behaviors in adolescents as well.

The research on dangers of CBD Oil with high THC content and marijuana use during pregnancy and lactation are still ongoing just as the benefits and possible side effects of CBD Oil.

The goal is to not use the treatment during pregnancy and lactation but like every other treatment plan, the provider determines if the benefit out weighs the side effects. This is why you need to stay in touch with you health care provider.

WebMD.com stated that high doses of CBD use in epilepsy might make the muscular movement and tremors worse.

It is advised to stay in a safe dose range, weigh the benefits against adverse effects.

To read more about the dangers of using marijuana or CBD products with high concentration of THC check out these articles.

Journal of Medical Toxicology (2017) 13:99-105  Pediatric concerns due to expanded Cannabis use.

Neurotoxicology Teratol. (1994) 16(2): 169-75  Effect of prenatal marijuana exposure on the cognitive development of offspring at age three.

Neurotoxicology Teratol, (200) 22(3) 325-336  Effect of prenatal marijuana exposure on child behavior problems at age 10.

I will still recommend CBD Oil without or with low level of THC product for adults with anxiety, depression and pain



Do you fell Anxiety or Pain? Try CBD Oil

CBD Oil facts and myths #2

CBD Oil: Facts and Myths #2

Some days back I published a blog post on CBD oil: facts and myth #1. I had very little knowledge about CBD products then. Not that I know a lot now but each time I research about the CBD component of the cannabidiol the more intriguing the information I get. It seems the CBD with or without THC is a wonder healing agent of our time.

Today I read about different ailments this substance could be used to manage and I was blown away. Some of them require CBD in conjunction with other pharmaceutical compounds. Most of this ailments have something in common, they are neurological problems.

Today I read that CBD Oil with or without small amount of THC could be use for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism Spectrum disorder, brain injury, ADD and ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy/Seizures, Tremors, Parkinson’s, Gastrointestinal diseases, MS, PTSD, fibromyalgia, sleep problems, Anxiety and depression, mood disorders, motion sickness, alcoholism/addiction, pain, hormonal conditions and host of other ailments (projectcbd.org).

For less than a month now I have been using CBD oil for anxiety attack and depression and I have seen much improvement in mood, thoughts and activities.

My major concern has always been dosage and brand. Today I was able to get some clarification on dosage. I learnt that less is more, meaning the lower the dose, the safer and more effective and less drug interaction .

I learned that inhalers may be more effective than oral pills or capsules as the bypass the digestive system and being metabolized in the liver hence increasing the availability in the system.

Drugs and  CBD products interaction are more likely to occur with those taken orally (projectcbd.org) and with high dose of CBD products.
When taken on full stomach cannabinoids absorption rate are higher, the higher the absorption the greater the chances of interacting with oral medications. Cannabinoids could potentiate or hinder the action of some oral medications that utilize same or similar enzymes for its metabolism.

There are testimonies from people who have used CBD products for different ailments and claimed it worked so well. CBD with little amount of THC will not cause the highs and may be more effective than CBD only.

High dose of THC causes the highs (euphoria) and is of no medicinal value to the individual and predisposes to addiction of the drug.
CBD cream is said to work very great for arthritis and fibromyalgia.

It works great and safe for children depending on what they are used for. Ensure you check with you doctor before starting or stopping any medication even over the counter medications.

I see CBD products the way some people believe and accept plant products such as turmeric, ginger, garlic and other products in that category. Powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which could be used for health maintenance as well. But as it is CBD products are more than turmeric, ginger, garlic etc combined though those have significant health benefits as well.

It is very important to discuss with your health care provider before starting any chemical compound that might affect your pharmaceutical products or seek for second opinion with a medical professional before starting or stopping your medications.

One does not need the highs to ripe the medicinal power of CBD products. Get information on safe dosage before you start to use to avoid over dose, side effects and metabolic drug interaction. I believe that CBD products such as CBD oil though product of marijuana without the highs is not restricted in most US. Check with your local authority before you buy CBD oil. This product is helpful for cancer pain, chronic pain and arthritis pain. Yor can buy from this verified and secure site.

Disclaimer: this blog site is not in any way claiming that CBD products are drug or should be used as such to replace any prescription medication. Discuss with your health care provider before starting or stopping any medication. This post is open do discussions and more information regarding the benefits or side effects of CBD products. The information in this blog post does not in any way replace your doctor’s advise.

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CBD Oil: Facts and myths #1



What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil also known as Cannabidiol oil is derived from cannabis and is non-psychoactive substance as opposed to one that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is psychoactive and causes the highs in street drugs and can cause addiction. CBD oil since it does not contain THC is likely not going to be addictive.

There are claims that CBD oil could be used to treat withdrawal symptoms. There has been claims that this oil could be used to treat variety of health conditions such as arthritis, pain, tremor (experimented with rats).
It is also claimed to treat anxiety and depression, menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.
Side Effects https://verifiedcbd.com/testimonials/ 

Personally, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression (more of mood swing due to hormonal changes before and during menstrual period)

I have been on all kinds of psychotropic medications for anxiety, depression, mood swing and managing the discomforts of menstruation. Recently I have read a lot of blogs on CBD oil and discussed with people, read materials written by the manufacturers.

I found the uses very interesting and worthy of checking out as it is hard to figure out exactly what is causing my problems. I have bad experience with some of the psychotropic medications. Some affect my prolactin level to a very high level while some causes weight gain, edema (water retention).

Some of these side effects I could not handle and some I could. Recently someone suggested CBD oil for my anxiety and panic attack. I have been using CBD oil for some weeks now.

I have not had attacks or feel like the sky is falling but sometimes I feel woozy though not sleep. Very alert and little spinning feeling though blood pressure may not be high or low. Though it was advised not to drink alcohol but because of all the celebrations I have had some red wine during this period.

So, I just want to share my experience with it before I ask other people for their experiences. Some bloggers claimed that it does not have any side effect but from medical stand point it may interfere with the absorption of some medications in your system. It could be more advisable to discuss with a healthcare provider before using the medication depending on the health issues you have.


The benefits I have seen so far is that if it works for you it could cut down on taking thousand and one pills with all their different side effects as well.
Some brands may be cheaper to buy than the regular refills at the pharmacy.
If it works for you, may be safer than your regular refill meds at the pharmacy.
Discuss with a health care professional and you can see 5 star reviews and testimonies here at


My goal here is not to promote legalization of marijuana, far from that. My goal is to encourage more research into all these health benefits of CBD oil and if proven beyond reasonable doubt to be accurate, should be approved by drug administration, made available to those who need it for medical reasons and should be covered by insurance companies as like other prescription medications.

We all know about the highs of illegal marijuana and the implications of overdose and inappropriate use of the drug. We know better as a society than to expose our young generation to mayhem, nervous breakdown and societal chaos.

Our goal should be to protect, provide and preserve healthy living for our young and teach sound moral values for a healthy society.

Disclaimer. The health benefits listed here on any of my posts on CBD oil are yet to be verified. This does not mean inducing any product or encourage anyone to buy without first discussing with a health care professional. Check your local areas for legality before purchasing CBD Oil.