Cannabis and the Cannabidiol are trending right now.

Cannabis VS Cannabidiol; CBD oil vs Hemp oil.

Cannabis and Cannabidiol are trending now, why does this matter to all of us. So many people today are using cannabinoids to manage different ailments and for health maintenance. Some call it cannabis, hemp, marijuana, pot, weed etc. What are the differences? Are cannabis and marijuana the same? Is CBD oil the same as cannabis oil and hemp oil? These and many more we are going to discuss here.

Stay away from mind-altering drugs that make you feel good momentarily only to bring you down the next minute and make you want some more of the high feeling. This could ruin your life, your career and push you into making bad choices.

Hello friends, today we are going to look at some terminologies used in Cannabis industry and see how they are connected. As we know that cannabis, hemp, cannabidiol and marijuana products are trending now both in stock market and in business arena. Those of us that are using products of these plant species to manage health issues need to know “are cannabis and marijuana the same?” Is cannabis oil same as hemp oil? Is cannabidiol (CBD) oil same as cannabis oil? and so on.

As we noticed recently in the US, there is so much focus recently on these products because of recent legalization changes that are being made around the hemp, marijuana, cannabis use in some states. Before now cannabis, marijuana, hemp and all in that class were considered illegal drugs and were barned.

Now that some states in the US are beginning to legalize cannabis use due to its medicinal and health benefits, it becomes important for people to know the differences if any in the terminologies used to describe and discuss cannabis and its products.

Cannabis is a flowering plant that belong to the family of cannabaceae. The cannabis is of three species cannabis sativa (also known as hemp), cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis.

The cannabis saltiva also known as hemp plant is mainly cultivated for its low level of THC which is the mind-altering psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes the high and addiction. Hence hemp plant is for non-drug use. It is cultivated for its CBD products and the terpenes. Hemp may have as little as 0.3% THC which is permitted since that is not sufficient to cause the high.

Marijuana is a specie of cannabis with over 0.3% of THC content. Marijuana because of its high content of THC can cause euphoria and dependence. Cannabinoids are compounds produced from the cannabis plants. The cannabis plant has over 480 identified chemical compounds that resemble the endocannabinoids in human body which are deemed beneficial to health. Cannabidiol, Tetrahydrocannabinol and the Terpenes are all products of cannabis plant.

Now we could say that cannabis is like the parent plant to hemp, marijuana and other species of cannabis. Hemp is a cannabis plant with little or no THC while marijuana is cannabis with high THC. Different species could be cross breed to produce plants with varying content of CBD and THC. Weed, pot etc. are the names associated with cannabis use especially in an informal (illegal) use of the drug.

Why the Noise about Cannabis recently?

In recent time Cannabis and its products have been in the headlines and mainstream media. Why? Cannabis is not new neither are the health benefits recently discovered. In the early 90s, it was discovered that the human body has what is called the endocannabinoid system.

This system implies that the human and other animals with vertebrae produces cannabinoids. These endocannabinoids have receptor cells scattered all over the cells of the immune system, the brain and the nervous system, reproductive, skeletal and digestive systems.

The functions of these endogenous cannabinoids are to regulate sleep, mood, motor coordination, appetite, digestion and hunger, strong immune defense system, pain control, temperature regulation, memory, boost fertility and the reproductive system and pleasure.

In a situation were there is imbalance either over production or under production causes shift in the systemic balance.

In the case of under production, the phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant can replace the endogenous cannabinoids in the receptor binding sites. Cannabis produces relaxing and calming effect in the body.

The cannabis cultivars are the Terpenes which are the aromatic sweet fragrance oils found in the cannabis plant. It is also of health benefits, supplies the body with essential oils.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil are one of the main component of the cannabis plant whether from hemp or marijuana but without THC as THC is another chemical component in cannabis. Cannabidiol oil is one of the endocannabinoids in the body that regulate body functions. Cannabidiol oil is found to be helpful in managing anxiety, depression, tremor, pain, inflammatory conditions, seizures, arthritis, stress, panic attack, migraines etc.

Having discussed what cannabis is, now we need to answer the questions on “is CBD oil the same as cannabis oil? CBD oil is made from cannabis plant but without the psychoactive component THC while cannabis oil could contain THC depending on the specie of cannabis plant the CBD oil came from. Pure CBD oil could also be made from marijuana by isolating CBD component of the plant from the THC component.

Hence hemp is not same as marijuana as hemp is cannabis plant with little to no THC and mainly grown for its high content of CBD products. Marijuana on the other hand has higher concentration of THC in its components and could be addictive.

Some people have said that using the whole plant extract is better and more effective than separating the product into its constitute chemical components. Some have produced it this way in their homes and use it in foods, drinks, juices, animal feed and pet food. I am not here to encourage or discourage this practices but know that whichever means or method you choice for your CBD source, play it safe and try it out first. Products with high THC and products with chemical contaminants could lead to severe chemical reaction or side effects.

CBD oil is not only good for humans it is also great for your furry friends and animals as these animals could suffer from pain and arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Also pet animals do suffer from separation anxiety, irritability, aggressive behaviors and pain.

Cannabidiol has been found to contain anticarcinogenic properties which could either suppressĀ  cancer cell growth or prevent its occurrence. This benefit is good for humans and animals as well.

When looking for CBD oil to buy for yourself or for your pet or livestock, look for organically grown, GMO free, pesticides free and verifiable products. There are some many in the market that it is becoming difficult to pick the right product. Look for products with pure quality CBD oil with low THC component.

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