Hemp CBD OIL Reviewed, what is in it for you (A).

Disclaimer: the aim and goal of this post is not to encourage anyone to start thinking about buying recreational marijuana. This post is in no way promoting marijuana use as recreational or street drug but to encourage more research into all the claims of the medical and health benefits of CBD Oil which is extracted from hemp or marijuana plant. Before you try to purchase CBD oil for all the acclaimed benefits please check with your local authority and ensure it is permitted for use in year area. Do not fail to provide feedback on the product which will help to provide proof or debug the claims. I am using it for anxiety and depression and that is why from time to time I go back to check what is the latest news in that area. I have used it for over a month now and I am doing well.

Hemp or CBD Oil          Cbd Oil, Cbd, Cannabinoid, Oil, Green

Cannabidiol are one of the chemical compounds derived from the hemp or marijuana plant. They are naturally occurring and could be extracted either from the seeds of the plant or from the stalk, leaves or buds of the plants. The type of CBD Oil depends on the brand, method/process of extraction and additives.

CBD oil without the highs (THC) are legal and could be from the hemp or marijuana plant. Hemp plants grown with higher level of THC, the psychoactive compound is called the marijuana and are illegal in some countries and some states of the US because of the high level of Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Raw Hemp Oil as one of the brands of CBD oil

Raw hemp oil contain about 0.3% of THC. Endoca products are one of the many brands of Hemp/CBD oils sold today through the internet for their claimed therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Endoca products are derived from hemp plants. Cannabidiol compounds are one of the over 100 molecular compounds contained in hemp plant (cannabis).

Hemp is a strain of cannabis that contain THC, the psychoactive substance that causes highs in recreational drugs. CBD oil from hemp plant contain some amount of THC as much as 0.3%  at most to be legal. Hemp oil refers to any oil extracted from the hemp plant.

The hemp or marijuana plant contain other essential elements such as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, fatty acids and other non-psychoactive compounds. Hemp contain high level of CBD and is mainly produced for its industrial use while marijuana is produced essentially for its commercial (medical) and recreational use. Marijuana plant has higher THC than hemp plant

Health and medical Benefits

Be it CBD oil from hemp or marijuana, stalk, leaves, seeds or the buds, CBD Oil is making history with the many claims that it has medicinal and health promoting effects such as anti inflammatory properties, could manage anxiety and depression, seizure etc. Some of these health benefits were discussed in my previous posts

wealthysite,org/cbd oil:facts and myths. 

wealthysite.org/cbd oil facts and myths


CBD Oil Review: what is in it for you and your health
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The CBD oil here has a dropper which makes it easy to use and to avoid overdose.

How are they extracted

Methods of extraction varies but most common and safest methods are carbon 1x oxide based extraction and Oil based extraction.

CO2 based extraction is done using CO2 under pressure. It produces the finest and purest compound of CBD Oil.

Oil-based is done by soaking the hemp plant in carrier oil. To read more about CBD and extraction process go to Project CBD.org

Author: GinaO

Hello Folks, Gina here. I am an entrepreneur business woman. I live my life by serving others and living it one day at a time. I was once an active healthcare provider but wants now to focus more on my business. I want to make a difference in the lives of others and make decent money selling products online.

8 thoughts on “Hemp CBD OIL Reviewed, what is in it for you (A).”

  1. Hello Gina,

    After reading your post, I must say I found it interesting. It’s good that the CBD oil reduces anxiety and it’s really making a rave review in the marketplace.

    However, seeing that it’s produce from hemp plant, I want to know if it can be addictive. And what are the possible side effects especially if there’s an overdose?

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Louis, There are many products from hemp or marijuana plant. As I stated in my previous posts on CBD oil, from the articles I read hemp plant contains less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) component but marijuana plant contain greater amount of the THC. THC is the active component in hemp or marijuana that causes the euphoria (the highs) and could be addictive. Some CBD compounds contain less or none depending on what you are looking for. As for overdose, overdosing on anything is harmful even the food you eat. Before buying check the THC level of the product and talk to your healthcare provide. I will advise to abstain from using it as recreational drug.

  2. Just waiting for CBD oil to be permitted for use in Australia. I visited England last year and was able to purchase it in a health food shop. It seemed to calm my mind and relieve stress. I have ordered Entourage oil which contains no THC but is thought to have similar effects. Have you heard of this? Keep up the good work. This is medicine for the future.

    1. Thanks Deb, I am new at this and this actually came up because I started using CBD oil and needed more information. I have not heard about Entourage oil but will look it up. I am actually writing another post that will be published today that provides more insight on why the claimed medicinal effects could be true. I hope you read it when I publish it and get back. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

  3. Dear Gina,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive post.

    To be honest with you, I come across a lot of posts and ads about CBD oil and also did some research online and read some amazing stories of healing.

    Being a full-time blogger I even having an idea to promote it on my site. I was looking for some helpful information on Hemp CBD oil and your post timing is amazing and I got great insights from your post.

    Your article certainly made me think more on the subject. I am bookmarking it for future reference.

    Much Success!


    1. Thanks Paul, my pleasure to be of help and please feel free to share and to come back any time. I research and update information on this from time to time and will be happy to share more information with you.

  4. Gina, I am glad to hear that the CBD oil seems to be helping your anxiety and depression.   I live in Colorado where both hemp and marijuana are legal.   I’ve been watching the industry closely as hemp products, in particular,  end up being a great feed alternative for my livestock.  

    Right now there are so many claims from companies everywhere tying to get their share of this new stream of money.   If you were to believe everything they say about hemp and CBD oils being wonder drugs, potions and lotions, it would be a true wonder drug for people and animals.  It is hard not to be skeptical.  

    At the same time, I’ve heard about some people that have had serious medical issues getting some relief from their pain.  people talking about how much it helped relieve pain.    I liked your disclaimer paragraph.    Research and testing is desperately needed.   

    Have you come up with anyway to help people avoid getting scammed from all these guys that seem to be coming out of the woodwork selling CBD oils and items?  How do people know if they are purchasing from a reputable company or not? 

    1. Thank you Sondra, you are absolutely right about scammers using the opportunity as regulation is still an issue. There are thousand and one product out there claiming to be the real deal. I can only attest to the ones I have used but I have heard of scammers selling products that does not even contain any of the CBD products. I continue to update and provide information as I come across and will continue to work on finding quality products and posting them to my site. I will research on means of testing the product to know which is real and which is not.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. You said you feed CBD products to your livestock, Do you find it effective and for what purpose are you feeding CBD product to them?

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