CBD OIL: Testing for content Legitimacy and potency.

Why should we be concerned about the quality of the products that are flooding the market in the name of CBD Oil or CBD products.

Due to the current trend in CBD products and all the medicinal benefits acclaimed by researchers and manufacturers of the products. There are also written testimonials and recorded videos of CBD oil and other CBD products being excellent supplements for some health problems.

CBD Oil and CBD products in form of capsules, creams, spray etc. are flooding the market place all claiming to be the  real deal and undiluted.

How could the consumers figure out among these thousands of products that are easily purchased online, which ones are real organic and pure CBD oil or products that are actually made from organically grown hemp or marijuana plants?

The concerns grow as there has also been reports that some of the products may contain little to nothing of the agents they claim to be.

It is also worthy of note that none of the products has been verified or certified by food and drug administration, USDA or other government agencies that provide the seal of authenticity.

The Deal breakers

Though these products are not yet FDA approved, yet there are testimonies of the health benefits those products (the authentic) real CBD products have. Many testimonies from people suffering from pain of arthritis, chronic pain, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, MS, seizures, tremors, pre and menopausal symptoms and all kinds of inflammatory diseases. See my previous posts on the health issues and the benefits of CBD oil without the high.

Some of the companies are strictly following manufacturing standard and ensuring that the products are pure, high quality and laboratory tested. Some also use high tech equipment that are costly to ensure quality product.

Ways to pick and filter out before buying CBD products.

Knowledge is power

Before you commit to spending your hard earned money on any product online. Do your research. Do not buy simply because you see it online and it comes cheap. Read about the company, their product and the product content and see if that is what you are looking for. Check out the product page and find out how the product was extracted. This is very important as that also determines the quality, safety, purity and credibility of the product.

Is it organically grown? This is important to know because those that are grown with chemicals for higher yield and fast growth will likely contain those chemicals in their content. These chemicals and pesticides will eventually end up in the product as contaminants.  Most of those chemicals could be dangerous to your health.

Look for third party test result analysis of the products.

Reliable lab results will analyze the components of the product and will even give an insight into the method of extraction. It will show if the product contains only CBD or with THC and the percentage present. It will show if there are contaminants, other chemicals and pesticides. This gives you insight whether the plant was organically grown as claimed.

Method of extraction is very important because that testifies to the quality, purity, credibility and safety of the product. It shows transparency by the manufacturing company as they let you the consumer know what you are getting and how it was produced.

For the testing and analysis to be carried out by third party that is not affiliated to the company will definitely produced fair unbiased result. This will enable the consumer to make the right decision.

Common methods of cannabidiol extraction

There are four main and common methods of CBD product extraction from the plant. I will not go into details to provide you information on how this methods are used as our goal is not to provide you information on how to extract but on methods of extraction that yields quality, pure strains of cannabidiol in order to assist you in making the right decision when buying CBD products.

Carbon IV Oxide extraction (CO2 method of extraction)

There are three main categories in using CO2 for the extraction process.

  • Supercritical

  • Subcritical

  • Midcritical

Among the three categories, the most commonly used is the Supercritical as it provides the purest and safest strains of CBD product. This method utilizes costly equipment to subject CO2 under high pressure to achieve the extraction of the products. The final product in this process is not denatured meaning that it still retains its natural components and maintain its natural state.

The Pros of using CO2 extraction method

  • It is the safest method of extraction in that CO2 is not harmful. It is a common additive to some foods and drink

  • It is an effective method in extracting the essential oils. This is for the fact that under high pressure CO2 is able to extract CBD and the essential oils (terpenes).

  • Provides higher quality yield better than some other methods.

  • The product is pure and has no contaminants (or minimally present) and no chlorophyll which could cause side effects.

Cons of CO2 method of extraction

  • The process uses an expensive equipment that is required to subject the CO2 under pressure for the extraction to occur. This could make it impossible for low scale producers or beginners to use it in their production.

  • This equipment requires training and technique to use. Therefore, if able to buy the expensive machine, still need to worry about training on how to use the machine as not to blow things up.

The Olive Oil extraction method.

This uses quality olive oil to carry out the extraction process. The hemp or marijuana plant is soaked in the olive oil for the product to extraction occurs.

Pros of using Olive Oil

  • It is a safe method and produces quality product
  • It is inexpensive and can be used for small scale production.
  • It does not require the use of an expensive technical equipment.

Cons of using Olive Oil method

  • Olive oil is a perishable product hence the end product of extraction using this process is perishable and must be stored in a cool dark place to maintain its potency.
  • The out put does not compensate for the labor put into it. The product though it has high quality but the output is poor.

Dry Ice method ( dry ice is a solid form of CO2)

Co2 is a gas under room temperature and pressure but when subjected under intense pressure and varying temperature could form solid. This solid form of CO2 is used in the dry ice process to extract cannabinoids and the terpenes.

Pros of using Dry Ice method.

  • It is easy to use and can be used by anyone who is interested in such method.
  • Produces clean end products
  • The yield using this process is better than using olive oil

Cons of using dry ice method

  • Dry Ice is expensive to make and is not readily available.
  • This process could lead to low quality depending on the knowledge and skill of the user.

Solvent extraction method.

Solvents are substances that are able to dissolve other substances for example water is a universal solvent in that so many other particles can dissolve in water. Also alcohol is a solvent as some particles can dissolve in it forming a homogenous solution.

Ethanol is a low grade or molecular weight alcohol and butane which is a hydrocarbon are commonly used solvents for cannabidiol extraction (MarijuanaBreak.com). In this process of solvent extraction, CBD and terpenes as well as chlorophyll are extracted from the plant. The chlorophyll could lead to unpleasant side effects if consumed.  The product could further be filtered to remove the chlorophyll but this will reduce significantly the potency of the essential oils.

Butane is a better solvent than alcohol and produces stronger oil than ethanol but is more likely to contain contaminants  from the solvent which could pose respiratory issues.

Pros of using solvents

  • It is good for some products. If the extraction is carried out using high grade alcohol, it produces better quality oil product.
  • The process of extraction is straight forward and easy to use.

Cons of Solvent extraction method.

  • Ethanol and butane are highly flammable and therefore presents high risk for fire hazard.
  • This method is potentially harmful due to possibility of solvents contaminating the product.


Endoca is one of the products I have used personally for my anxiety and depression and they produce raw hemp oil. The taste is good, vegetable like and uses dropper to measure the dose. It has products for different things and follows strict GMP standards. The products are lab tested for composition and quality. Endoca produces CBD oil, CBD capsules and pills, skin care, CBD extract, suppositories, cannabis crystals, CBD tinctures, and CBD edibles.




Another CBD company I have used is verified CBD.

This company looks very promising, it is organic, produced here in the US, lab tested and has great review and testimonies from consumers. Check out their website and read through their knowledge center.  it is very rich with information and will help you in making your decision.

Also for affiliate marketers has great business opportunities and high commission pay out.



Author: GinaO

Hello Folks, Gina here. I am an entrepreneur business woman. I live my life by serving others and living it one day at a time. I was once an active healthcare provider but wants now to focus more on my business. I want to make a difference in the lives of others and make decent money selling products online.

17 thoughts on “CBD OIL: Testing for content Legitimacy and potency.”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us; your blog has been my second home ever since i found what i have been looking for here.Like seriously ; knowledge is power….. i have engaged myself in buying series of wasted CBD products which later turned out to ve a waste but with the cautious notice you have posted here. i hope i won’t fall into thesame pit anylonger.

    1. The aim of the post is to enlighten and to share information on CBD OIl and the cannabis which offer medicinal benefits to people with health problems such as myself. I am taking CBD oil for anxiety and depression and therefore I am out to ensure that I find the real CBD that will help me and other people take care of their ailments. If you have health issues discuss and work with your doctor to determine if this is what you need. As I previously stated CBD and Marijuana products have consequences for use during pregnancy, breast feeding and underage use. Make sure you are using the products for the right reason and not to get high. because CBD Oil without the THC or minimal THC is for health purposes not for recreational use.

  2. Thank you for the informations you provided about CBD oil in this post, I find it highly informative and full of useful contents. This is the third time am stumbling on your blog and it clearly shows that you always put a lot of energy in writing.i like the olive oil because it is easy to apply and it is inexpensive. 

    1. Olive oil is good and healthy to the body so using it as extracting medium is good. The product need to be preserved and store well to prevent loosing the potency of the CBD Oil. The yield is poor in quantity so some may augment with other additives to make money. Read the fine print. 

  3. I have actually come across several CBD products online and it may be difficult for a consumer to ascertain if the CBD product is good for him or her or not. Since the CBD has not been approved by food and drug agencies  or any authority that protects human interest as regards foods and drugs, how can I get the information of 3rd party review.? 

    1. Kenechi, you get that from the company website. They post on their website their third party lab test result and that provide you information about a whole lot of other things like if the product is pure and means of extraction.

  4. Every single word said on this article appears to be true cbd oil has been one of the most promoted products in the affiliate world, but don’t really care about how it was extracted, we only care about the results, this post actually is a wake up call to many of us out there . thanks for this informative post 

  5. Well, I think this is about the fourth article on CBD that I read today, and I am excited for your site because you actually get into the specifics (the science) of the extraction methods, etc. instead of just a selling site.  That is really helpful for me, because I am trying to do research on CBD oil and the various ones and which are legitimate and best, etc.  I did buy some recently, and I’m waiting on my shipment, and I want to try ones from various sources to make a final determination.  It is not cheap stuff, but boy do the benefits look miraculous.

    Thank you for really breaking this all down for me.  I really appreciate it so much.

  6. This is very informative and helpful for the clueless one like me. There are a lot of companies marketing CBD oil and I didn’t realize some of those are poor quality than others. Thank you for your tips and tricks, now I know what to look for or watch out for. Really need to do extensive research before committing into something. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. This has been my concern when trying to choose a suitable product to use.

    I have tried 3 different kinds now.

    One from Amazon  and one by a nutritional company and the last from a local supplier.

    The first and the latter are like dark paste and leave a taste like a  tobacco line sensation and the middle one from the nutrition company was a clear yellow oil with orange flavouring!

    What one do you think was more authentic?

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post. In regards to your question, I can only testify to something I have used or read about. It is not easy for me to tell which one is fake and which is authentic. If you like you can try the ones I have used and know that It worked for me based on what I was going through. You can try Endoca with higher concentration of CBD oil and see if it works for you. The link is in the post.


  8. Hello Gina, I read through your post on how some of the CBD products are fake and falsified and I found it educative. I just read a post on how canabidiol is useful and amazing and I was already hooked and ready to take unplanned decisions, but after reading your post I think I will take my time to research well on whatever CBD am getting. Thanks 

  9. Hi Gina, another interesting article about CBD Oil products. I think this topic about quality and legitimacy of CBD products is something that we should all read about. As you mentioned, people need to do a research before they buy it, the products should have some lab tests or some certificates. I actually never heard for those extraction methods. Thanks for sharing with us!

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