Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil vs Isolate

Often times people are confused on the CBD product that is good for them and reason behind their choice of selecting a particular CBD product. Some people do not know why people prefer to buy full spectrum cbd oil while other prefer CBD isolates. Is the therapeutic benefits of full spectrum cbd oil more effective compared to isolate product. To answer these questions, we will look at the meaning of full spectrum CBD and isolate CBD component.

Full Spectrum CBD oil vs CBD oil isolates

First of all, what is full spectrum cannabidiol oil?

Full spectrum hemp oil according to echoconnection.org refers to when the pure oil extracted from hemp contains all the same cannabinoids and compounds as originally found in the hemp plant. This is unlike the isolated or synthetic cannabinoids, full spectrum hemp oil contain richly abundant cannabinoids, essential vitamins and minerals, essential oils, terpenes, flavonoids and proteins.

In my previous posts, I did discuss the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids and the terpenes. For additional information on the therapeutic benefits of Cannabinoids please check out this wonderful and very informative write up here.

Research has found that CBD products have many health benefits such as in pain control, anxiety, tremor, arthritis, seizure cancer management etc. The challenge now is when buying CBD product for the various ailments, which product should we buy? Should we buy the full spectrum CBD or isolate product?

To make this decision, it is very important for us to understand the difference between Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD. Full Spectrum as already mentioned contain more than one component of the CBD products. Some of the components of CBD ( cannabinoids) are cannabidiol CBD, cannabichromene CBC, cannabigerol CBG, tetrahydrocannabinol THC, cannabinol CBN, cannabidiolic acid CBDa, etc.

Isolate means that each of the components are distilled out and separated from mixture while full spectrum means that the extract product contain as many of the components as the solvent is able to extract from the hemp plant.

From research we know that some of the components not only provide health benefits but also has agonistic and synergistic effect thereby potentiating the action of other components. Therefore isolate CBD may not achieve this on its own.

Cannabidiol is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp plant. It makes over 90% of the cannabinoid content in full spectrum hemp oil. The abundance nature of CBD is due to high content of CBDa which converts to CBD upon heating(decarboxylation process).

Hence, full spectrum CBD oil contain cannabidiol, cannabigerol, tetrahydrocannabinol (less then 0.3% content), cannabinol, cannabichromene, terpenes, vitamins and minerals etc. All these work together to produce the entourage effect thereby enhancing the therapeutic effect of the cannabinoids.

Full spectrum CBD product because it contains more than one chemical compound may increase the chances of drug interaction and side effect which may not be present with isolate compound.

The rule of the thumb will be to know exactly what you are using the product for, discuss with your health care provider and get more information from the manufacturers.

My recommendations for full spectrum CBD products.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil is full spectrum  though not based in the US, it is based in EU but has quality full spectrum product. It is organic, GMP certified and produced under pharmaceutical control according to company website. Their third party lab tests were current and easy to find and they have so many educational posts that will provide the knowledge and opportunity for informed decision making. I have used their product and will buy it again.

Hemp Oil RAW Drops 1500mg Open FrontView

Another one of my recommendations is CBDistillery full spectrum CBD products are grown in the US (Colorado) and has great ratings and reviews. It has so many products for human consumption and for pets at various concentrations of CBD.  The team seems to be well organized for business and has lots of information on product marketing and sales.

I was a bit disappointed when I check the site for third party test result and could not easily locate it in the website. I was able to find tests that are not current on the sitemap location.

CBDistillery is quality product judging from reviews and testimonials, they have great team and I believe they can and should look into updating their third party test results with results that look real and original instead of  what they have so far and provide current test results that will justify the quality of the products they have. I actually went to their blog site and located something I am sure you would love to add to your knowledge about full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD products here.

CTFO is another product grown here in the US and has variety, quality with 60 days money back guaranteed  which is far more than what I see with other products.  The have great website with lots of educational information.  CTFO has full spectrum as well as isolate CBD products to choose from.

They offer CBD products for all kinds of ailments as well as health maintenance, skin care products as well as great products for your pets. We all know that even cats and dogs suffer from pain of arthritis, anxiety and neurological problems and also require health maintenance for longer happier life.

If you are interested in work from home business CTFO CBD products is for you to join and start your business.

banner showing CTFO full spectrum oil

CTFO CBD product company has great business recruitment strategy and offers work from home business opportunities to individuals who are interested in leveraging the world of internet to a great advantage. Join the team and earn commission on sales and referrals from  CTFO CBD Hemp oil

It is all about Cannabis plant, the root of CBD oil.

Hello everyone, how is your weekend going so far?

Again, it is all about cannabis plant and growing cannabis plant for CBD products.

Yesterday, I was watching Dr Oz show and they were discussing cannabis plant and the cannabidiol products. They did something that is really needed and is a concern as well as a question on most peoples mind. How safe and potent are all the products flooding the market today in the name of CBD products? The reason being that cannabis is now legal and expected to produce billions of dollars in revenue. During the show, they showed cannabis plantation farm, the harvesting and the drying process. Then the interesting part was the testing of some CBD products that are sold in the market ranging from the capsules, gummies and of course the oil.

In the United States for example buying CBD oil and CBD products are legal in most states but some people still frown at recreational use of marijuana due to the high concentration of THC that causes the high (euphoria). People are worried that legalizing marijuana without regulation on use will definitely create problems especially for the youths.

As we already know that because of absence of control and regulations in the industry, some products that are flooding the market in the name of CBD products may either contain more or less or even nothing of what they claim to contain. As some one pointed out sometime ago that some of them might be snake oil instead of CBD oil. I am sure you do not want to spend your hard earned money buying something that is fake and unsafe.

For this reason it is very important you read about the company, how they cultivate and process their plants and the extraction process. Ensure it is organically grown, ISO and GMP certified, no pesticides used and that the product is tested for not just quality content but also for contaminants and safe solute/solvent ratio. Check out this post on verifying the quality of your CBD products here.

Some people do not know the difference between hemp and marijuana and therefore tend to use both interchangeability. If you are confused about which one is which please read this

The confusion is why we are doing the research for you and providing you with quality products that are locally produced here and with test results by third party labs.

If you are planning on buying CBD oil or CBD products read my previous post on how to verify the product you are buying to ensure you are getting your money’s worth and not fake snake oil or contaminated product that could get you sick. Click here to read how to test product.

I have been using CBD oil for anxiety, panic attack and depression for over 2 months now and I must tell you that I feel better with CBD oil than with the prescription drugs.

I have used different brands of CBD products. I am doing so not because I do not like consistency but because I want to give you first hand information on my experiences with each product and help you make informed decision.

First I used HoneyB product and would not say much about this product because even their website has not much to offer in terms of information about the company or the product.

Second I bought Endoca Raw Hemp oil  

Endoca is product of EU and from my experience is very good product. It is raw and tastes raw, has that herbal taste, contains essential oils, vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 acids.

I have used endoca raw hemp oil which is not heated, not decarboxylated, ISO and GMP certified, organic, lab tested and vegan; tastes raw but great product. Each  bottle contain 10ml of CBD product content. The different products are 300mg (3% CBD), 1500mg (15% CBD), 10mg capsule and 50mg capsules. The price is okay considering the quality but quantity wise more will be better. The instruction on bottle is to keep refrigerated but I did check with an agent who told me that if it is used on regular basis should be okay in room temperature. I followed instruction and kept in fridge.

I finished my last bottle today and started with verified CBD oil which according to the label on the bottle seems to be from the seed of the cannabis. I believe it is stated that full spectrum CBD is the best. If you are interested in purchasing CBD from verified CBD you need to see if it is seed based product or full spectrum.

content image

I will keep you informed on how it goes with verified CBD oil. It is organically grown here in the US and seems to have quality and quantity 30ml instead of 10ml.

Another CBD product I have researched and fell in love with is CBDistillery 

There products come in 30ml full spectrum 1000mg, 5000mg, 500mg, 250mg, 150mg, and 2500mg all full spectrum manufactured in Colorado USA.  There are variety of products even for your furry friends at affordable price and reasonable volume. This product will be my next CBD purchase.

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Cannabis and the Cannabidiol are trending right now.

Cannabis VS Cannabidiol; CBD oil vs Hemp oil.

Cannabis and Cannabidiol are trending now, why does this matter to all of us. So many people today are using cannabinoids to manage different ailments and for health maintenance. Some call it cannabis, hemp, marijuana, pot, weed etc. What are the differences? Are cannabis and marijuana the same? Is CBD oil the same as cannabis oil and hemp oil? These and many more we are going to discuss here.

Stay away from mind-altering drugs that make you feel good momentarily only to bring you down the next minute and make you want some more of the high feeling. This could ruin your life, your career and push you into making bad choices.

Hello friends, today we are going to look at some terminologies used in Cannabis industry and see how they are connected. As we know that cannabis, hemp, cannabidiol and marijuana products are trending now both in stock market and in business arena. Those of us that are using products of these plant species to manage health issues need to know “are cannabis and marijuana the same?” Is cannabis oil same as hemp oil? Is cannabidiol (CBD) oil same as cannabis oil? and so on.

As we noticed recently in the US, there is so much focus recently on these products because of recent legalization changes that are being made around the hemp, marijuana, cannabis use in some states. Before now cannabis, marijuana, hemp and all in that class were considered illegal drugs and were barned.

Now that some states in the US are beginning to legalize cannabis use due to its medicinal and health benefits, it becomes important for people to know the differences if any in the terminologies used to describe and discuss cannabis and its products.

Cannabis is a flowering plant that belong to the family of cannabaceae. The cannabis is of three species cannabis sativa (also known as hemp), cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis.

The cannabis saltiva also known as hemp plant is mainly cultivated for its low level of THC which is the mind-altering psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes the high and addiction. Hence hemp plant is for non-drug use. It is cultivated for its CBD products and the terpenes. Hemp may have as little as 0.3% THC which is permitted since that is not sufficient to cause the high.

Marijuana is a specie of cannabis with over 0.3% of THC content. Marijuana because of its high content of THC can cause euphoria and dependence. Cannabinoids are compounds produced from the cannabis plants. The cannabis plant has over 480 identified chemical compounds that resemble the endocannabinoids in human body which are deemed beneficial to health. Cannabidiol, Tetrahydrocannabinol and the Terpenes are all products of cannabis plant.

Now we could say that cannabis is like the parent plant to hemp, marijuana and other species of cannabis. Hemp is a cannabis plant with little or no THC while marijuana is cannabis with high THC. Different species could be cross breed to produce plants with varying content of CBD and THC. Weed, pot etc. are the names associated with cannabis use especially in an informal (illegal) use of the drug.

Why the Noise about Cannabis recently?

In recent time Cannabis and its products have been in the headlines and mainstream media. Why? Cannabis is not new neither are the health benefits recently discovered. In the early 90s, it was discovered that the human body has what is called the endocannabinoid system.

This system implies that the human and other animals with vertebrae produces cannabinoids. These endocannabinoids have receptor cells scattered all over the cells of the immune system, the brain and the nervous system, reproductive, skeletal and digestive systems.

The functions of these endogenous cannabinoids are to regulate sleep, mood, motor coordination, appetite, digestion and hunger, strong immune defense system, pain control, temperature regulation, memory, boost fertility and the reproductive system and pleasure.

In a situation were there is imbalance either over production or under production causes shift in the systemic balance.

In the case of under production, the phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant can replace the endogenous cannabinoids in the receptor binding sites. Cannabis produces relaxing and calming effect in the body.

The cannabis cultivars are the Terpenes which are the aromatic sweet fragrance oils found in the cannabis plant. It is also of health benefits, supplies the body with essential oils.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil are one of the main component of the cannabis plant whether from hemp or marijuana but without THC as THC is another chemical component in cannabis. Cannabidiol oil is one of the endocannabinoids in the body that regulate body functions. Cannabidiol oil is found to be helpful in managing anxiety, depression, tremor, pain, inflammatory conditions, seizures, arthritis, stress, panic attack, migraines etc.

Having discussed what cannabis is, now we need to answer the questions on “is CBD oil the same as cannabis oil? CBD oil is made from cannabis plant but without the psychoactive component THC while cannabis oil could contain THC depending on the specie of cannabis plant the CBD oil came from. Pure CBD oil could also be made from marijuana by isolating CBD component of the plant from the THC component.

Hence hemp is not same as marijuana as hemp is cannabis plant with little to no THC and mainly grown for its high content of CBD products. Marijuana on the other hand has higher concentration of THC in its components and could be addictive.

Some people have said that using the whole plant extract is better and more effective than separating the product into its constitute chemical components. Some have produced it this way in their homes and use it in foods, drinks, juices, animal feed and pet food. I am not here to encourage or discourage this practices but know that whichever means or method you choice for your CBD source, play it safe and try it out first. Products with high THC and products with chemical contaminants could lead to severe chemical reaction or side effects.

CBD oil is not only good for humans it is also great for your furry friends and animals as these animals could suffer from pain and arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Also pet animals do suffer from separation anxiety, irritability, aggressive behaviors and pain.

Cannabidiol has been found to contain anticarcinogenic properties which could either suppress  cancer cell growth or prevent its occurrence. This benefit is good for humans and animals as well.

When looking for CBD oil to buy for yourself or for your pet or livestock, look for organically grown, GMO free, pesticides free and verifiable products. There are some many in the market that it is becoming difficult to pick the right product. Look for products with pure quality CBD oil with low THC component.

If you are interested in checking out some of the CBD Oil we market here click on  CBD and real pure hemp CBD. Thank you for reading my post. Feel free to comment or ask questions and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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If you had clicked on the first link, by now you will agree with me about this company called CBDistillery. They do not just sale you the product but they also educate you on the different types of products so you can make an informed choice. You can buy product after you have read materials meant to inform, educate and warn you about CBD products.

They have the advantage of providing 30ml of their product at a reasonable price unlike some other that offer only 10ml. Great product, time and money saving.

CBD OIL: Testing for content Legitimacy and potency.

Why should we be concerned about the quality of the products that are flooding the market in the name of CBD Oil or CBD products.

Due to the current trend in CBD products and all the medicinal benefits acclaimed by researchers and manufacturers of the products. There are also written testimonials and recorded videos of CBD oil and other CBD products being excellent supplements for some health problems.

CBD Oil and CBD products in form of capsules, creams, spray etc. are flooding the market place all claiming to be the  real deal and undiluted.

How could the consumers figure out among these thousands of products that are easily purchased online, which ones are real organic and pure CBD oil or products that are actually made from organically grown hemp or marijuana plants?

The concerns grow as there has also been reports that some of the products may contain little to nothing of the agents they claim to be.

It is also worthy of note that none of the products has been verified or certified by food and drug administration, USDA or other government agencies that provide the seal of authenticity.

The Deal breakers

Though these products are not yet FDA approved, yet there are testimonies of the health benefits those products (the authentic) real CBD products have. Many testimonies from people suffering from pain of arthritis, chronic pain, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, MS, seizures, tremors, pre and menopausal symptoms and all kinds of inflammatory diseases. See my previous posts on the health issues and the benefits of CBD oil without the high.

Some of the companies are strictly following manufacturing standard and ensuring that the products are pure, high quality and laboratory tested. Some also use high tech equipment that are costly to ensure quality product.

Ways to pick and filter out before buying CBD products.

Knowledge is power

Before you commit to spending your hard earned money on any product online. Do your research. Do not buy simply because you see it online and it comes cheap. Read about the company, their product and the product content and see if that is what you are looking for. Check out the product page and find out how the product was extracted. This is very important as that also determines the quality, safety, purity and credibility of the product.

Is it organically grown? This is important to know because those that are grown with chemicals for higher yield and fast growth will likely contain those chemicals in their content. These chemicals and pesticides will eventually end up in the product as contaminants.  Most of those chemicals could be dangerous to your health.

Look for third party test result analysis of the products.

Reliable lab results will analyze the components of the product and will even give an insight into the method of extraction. It will show if the product contains only CBD or with THC and the percentage present. It will show if there are contaminants, other chemicals and pesticides. This gives you insight whether the plant was organically grown as claimed.

Method of extraction is very important because that testifies to the quality, purity, credibility and safety of the product. It shows transparency by the manufacturing company as they let you the consumer know what you are getting and how it was produced.

For the testing and analysis to be carried out by third party that is not affiliated to the company will definitely produced fair unbiased result. This will enable the consumer to make the right decision.

Common methods of cannabidiol extraction

There are four main and common methods of CBD product extraction from the plant. I will not go into details to provide you information on how this methods are used as our goal is not to provide you information on how to extract but on methods of extraction that yields quality, pure strains of cannabidiol in order to assist you in making the right decision when buying CBD products.

Carbon IV Oxide extraction (CO2 method of extraction)

There are three main categories in using CO2 for the extraction process.

  • Supercritical

  • Subcritical

  • Midcritical

Among the three categories, the most commonly used is the Supercritical as it provides the purest and safest strains of CBD product. This method utilizes costly equipment to subject CO2 under high pressure to achieve the extraction of the products. The final product in this process is not denatured meaning that it still retains its natural components and maintain its natural state.

The Pros of using CO2 extraction method

  • It is the safest method of extraction in that CO2 is not harmful. It is a common additive to some foods and drink

  • It is an effective method in extracting the essential oils. This is for the fact that under high pressure CO2 is able to extract CBD and the essential oils (terpenes).

  • Provides higher quality yield better than some other methods.

  • The product is pure and has no contaminants (or minimally present) and no chlorophyll which could cause side effects.

Cons of CO2 method of extraction

  • The process uses an expensive equipment that is required to subject the CO2 under pressure for the extraction to occur. This could make it impossible for low scale producers or beginners to use it in their production.

  • This equipment requires training and technique to use. Therefore, if able to buy the expensive machine, still need to worry about training on how to use the machine as not to blow things up.

The Olive Oil extraction method.

This uses quality olive oil to carry out the extraction process. The hemp or marijuana plant is soaked in the olive oil for the product to extraction occurs.

Pros of using Olive Oil

  • It is a safe method and produces quality product
  • It is inexpensive and can be used for small scale production.
  • It does not require the use of an expensive technical equipment.

Cons of using Olive Oil method

  • Olive oil is a perishable product hence the end product of extraction using this process is perishable and must be stored in a cool dark place to maintain its potency.
  • The out put does not compensate for the labor put into it. The product though it has high quality but the output is poor.

Dry Ice method ( dry ice is a solid form of CO2)

Co2 is a gas under room temperature and pressure but when subjected under intense pressure and varying temperature could form solid. This solid form of CO2 is used in the dry ice process to extract cannabinoids and the terpenes.

Pros of using Dry Ice method.

  • It is easy to use and can be used by anyone who is interested in such method.
  • Produces clean end products
  • The yield using this process is better than using olive oil

Cons of using dry ice method

  • Dry Ice is expensive to make and is not readily available.
  • This process could lead to low quality depending on the knowledge and skill of the user.

Solvent extraction method.

Solvents are substances that are able to dissolve other substances for example water is a universal solvent in that so many other particles can dissolve in water. Also alcohol is a solvent as some particles can dissolve in it forming a homogenous solution.

Ethanol is a low grade or molecular weight alcohol and butane which is a hydrocarbon are commonly used solvents for cannabidiol extraction (MarijuanaBreak.com). In this process of solvent extraction, CBD and terpenes as well as chlorophyll are extracted from the plant. The chlorophyll could lead to unpleasant side effects if consumed.  The product could further be filtered to remove the chlorophyll but this will reduce significantly the potency of the essential oils.

Butane is a better solvent than alcohol and produces stronger oil than ethanol but is more likely to contain contaminants  from the solvent which could pose respiratory issues.

Pros of using solvents

  • It is good for some products. If the extraction is carried out using high grade alcohol, it produces better quality oil product.
  • The process of extraction is straight forward and easy to use.

Cons of Solvent extraction method.

  • Ethanol and butane are highly flammable and therefore presents high risk for fire hazard.
  • This method is potentially harmful due to possibility of solvents contaminating the product.


Endoca is one of the products I have used personally for my anxiety and depression and they produce raw hemp oil. The taste is good, vegetable like and uses dropper to measure the dose. It has products for different things and follows strict GMP standards. The products are lab tested for composition and quality. Endoca produces CBD oil, CBD capsules and pills, skin care, CBD extract, suppositories, cannabis crystals, CBD tinctures, and CBD edibles.




Another CBD company I have used is verified CBD.

This company looks very promising, it is organic, produced here in the US, lab tested and has great review and testimonies from consumers. Check out their website and read through their knowledge center.  it is very rich with information and will help you in making your decision.

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CBD OIL REVIEW. Peer reviewed research analysis.

The Cannabis analyzed.

Hemp Oil RAW Drops 1500mg Open FrontView

This post today on CBD products is to provide some analysis and connection on the properties of cannabis products that support the various claims of medicinal effects of Cannabis products such as CBD Oil.

If you have read my other posts on CBD oils review and on CBD oil as one of the components of cannabis compounds, you will find out about all the acclaimed benefits of cannabis products and the warnings in pregnancy, lactation and for small children. Children are said to be at risk due to fact that they are still growing and developing (brain, bones etc). They growth and development could be affected by use of marijuana and some of its products.

In recent years, hemp and marijuana products have been in the mainstream and people are talking about it. Researcher are on top of it trying to figure out “what and how much” of these products and the benefits to the human body in sickness or in health. I have written some posts reviewing some of the CBD Oils I have.

Today, my goal is to bring to view some of the properties of these components of the cannabis family that might support those acclaimed medicinal benefits.

The reviewed article by MontanaBioTech beautifully displayed the chemical structures that differentiate one component from the other and the different boiling and melting points that make individual extraction possible. This article also used pie-chart format below to display the different components and their properties.


To view and appreciate the distribution and properties read this article Peer Reviewed Research Cannabis Marijuana and Cannabinoids, Cannabidol (CBD), Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabinol (CBN). by MontanaBioTech

Health benefits of CBD oil products

Certain health benefits have been attributed to the medicinal effect of the Cannabidiol compounds. Some of these I already mentioned in my posts such as used in the management of arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, seizures, epilepsy, etc. These medicinal effects have to do with the fact that some of these components contain anti-inflammatory properties, some have analgesic effects while some have antibiotic effect.

According to this article, THC has euphoric, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiemetic properties which explains the use in the management of conditions caused by inflammatory conditions and pain such as in arthritis pain. THC has euphoric properties which is the highs seen in street drugs but at low dose such as 0.3% content may be okay and not cause the highs and therefore could be used to relief pain and GI upsets

Cannabidiol CBD) has anxiolytic, analgesic, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic properties. This simply means that health conditions such as anxiety, psychosis, seizures or muscle spasms, pain, inflammatory diseases may respond to CBD products. This explains why some clients with MS could say to have found relief with use of CBD products. As well as those with anxiety and depression.

Cannabinol (CBN) has oxidation, breakdown product, sedation and antibiotic properties. This means that CBN could be used to manage microbial infection but the oxidant properties which is a form of free radicles the body produces as a result of food metabolism may not be good for the body. Additional information is required to say if these are positive or negative effects to the body. Unless if the oxidation and breakdown means facilitating the process of food breakdown in the body. The sedative property could relieve insomnia and some sleep disorders.

Cannabichromene (CBC) has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antifungal properties which makes it good for health issues caused by infectious agents. Also another component called Cannabigerol has similar properties as CBC.

8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (8-THC) and 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (9-THC) are similar in properties but 8-THC has less psychoactive properties and are more stable compound therefore may be safer to use than 9-THC.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) has analgesic and euphoric properties. Recreational drug users may go after this because of the analgesic and euphoric properties. It is likely to cause addiction and health issues resulting from overdose.

Terpenoid Essential Oil components of Cannabis (the sweet aroma in cannabis)

beta-myrcene is one of the essential oils and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antimutagenic properties.

What is a mutagen? a mutagen is a physical or chemical agent that changes the genetic material usually the DNA of an organism and thus increases the frequency of mutation above the natural background level (Wikipedia). This means that this oil has the potential to either prevent or slow down mutagens in the body. Therefore the claim that CBD Oil could prevent cancer or help cancer patients is understandable.

This oil also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibiotic properties which are of health benefit to the body.

beta-caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective (gastric mucosa) and antimalarial properties. Cyto protective to the gastric mucosa means that this oil has the potential to protect the mucus membrane of the stomach against harmful agents (chemicals or bacteria). May be beneficial to stomach ulcer patients. It also has antimalarial effect and could be of health benefit to those living in the tropical region where mosquitos breed like no man’s business causing malaria.

d-limonene is a cannabinoid agonist?, immune potentiator, antidepressant, antimutagenic. Its property as cannabinoid agonist is yet unclear but means that it might potentiate the action of cannabinoids thereby making them more effective. This may also be one of the reasons why CBD oil is used for managing depression.

linalool has sedative, antidepressant, anxiolytic, immune potentiator which makes it possible antidepressant, antianxiety remedy.

Pulegone is one of the terpene essential oil with sweet smell, mostly used in perfumes. It may have the ability to boost memory?, AChE inhibitor, sedative, antipyretic properties.

Another interesting one that might prove why it could serve as memory booster is the 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol), this has the potential to increase blood flow to the brain with sufficient oxygen supply to the brain leading to improved brain function. It is also an AChE inhibitor, anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive agent.

alpha-pinene is anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, stimulant, antineoplastic, antibiotic, stimulant and an AChE inhibitor. This may be another reason CBD oil is beneficial to cancer management.

There has been claims also that CBD products could relieve the discomforts of premenopausal and menopausal symptoms this could be due to the fact that some such as apigenin  contain estrogen the feminine hormone.

There are other terpene essential oils with similar properties such as already discussed. It makes sense when people say that these essential oils and CBD compounds have health benefits. Also when people claim that they found relief from their health issues as a result of using CBD products, hemp or marijuana products, that goes to provide proof that those chemical properties are essentially present and effective health remedies.

If you ever want to try CBD oil or the cream for arthritis or other medicinal products check out this site for organic CBD products




Thank you for reading this post. This is a work in progress and I will continue to work hard to update and provide more information on hemp/marijuana CBD products. Now that everybody is talking about the wonders of this product, there is room for fake products to fill the market especially the fact that FDA has not approved or restrict the use. I will research and find out means of testing the real product to ensure that it contains what it claims to contain. I will find verifiable products out there that deliver on their promise.

It is also worthy to note that MontanaBioTech is a company that deals on marijuana and its products but the important information is that there were testimonies and researches (though inconclusively) that has provided evidence that CBD products from hemp and marijuana has medicinal benefits.

Please feel free to drop a comment. ask question or contribute to the knowledge sharing.

Check out these verified CBD oil products, it is organic with high review rating.


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I can do all things in him who strengthens me. The power of positive thinking.

I can do all things in him who strengthens me. The power of positive thinking.

I can do all things in him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) is an affirmative and inspirational belief that encourages one to keep fighting the battle of life with positive attitude. I once read a book called the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Though I did not finish the entire book but I learned a lot from the experiences and stories in the book that illustrates the power of positive thinking. The power in counting one’s blessings, being grateful and appreciative of what you have and whom you are.

Some of us know (if not all of us) that some days at some point in our lives when we are faced with challenges we think are unsurmountable, we feel down, discouraged and invisible. We feel like everything around us has come to a halt. We start questioning every and anything we could think of.

We start blaming and being hard on ourselves and every other person around us. We could instead of staying on the safe positive side may feel sad, frustrate, miserable and feel sorry for ourselves. In the face of hopelessness, instead of counting our blessings and focusing on the future, it is easier to feel down and sad, blaming ourselves or others about our shortcoming. It is easier to give up and feel dejected and depressed than giving thanks for what is left.

Word of inspirationSome time we may not have all the riches of the world or be financially buoyant like our friends and agemates but we have supportive friends, we have family that loves us and are very supportive of us. We may not have all the luxuries of life but we have peace of mind, we are happy, we have a job and a house and clothing to keep us warm. Yet in the face of trials we forget that we are blessed with the basics and more.

Several passages in the bible stress the importance of staying positive and courageous. (Matt 14:27; 28:10), Jesus said to them be not afraid for it is I and several times he proved it to them that fear is useless but staying positive, focused and courageous can change situations.

Some of us may belief the saying that like begets like or like attracts like; effect resembles its cause; birds of a feather flock together. This seems likely as our thoughts and emotions could change and reshape our future. When the brain is constantly fed with certain emotions and feeling/thoughts, the neurons learn to connect to respond to such feelings/emotions or thoughts.

This leads to connecting and associating our emotions to our internal and external environmental factor that may register a distaste or tasteful emotions and influence our future thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Decision to be happy

Most often we have to make the decision to be and stay happy. Associate with and surround ourselves with positive people and positive thoughts. In the event of negative incident, do not focus so much on the negative event but focus on the fact that you are capable of handling the situation and fixing whatever it is that went wrong. Believe in yourself and do not talk down on yourself and others. Love and value who you are and people around you.

Form the habit of seeing the cup as half full instead of half empty. As like begets like, positive thoughts are more likely to attract positive thoughts, ideas and positive energy around you while negative thoughts are more likely to attract negative energy.

Keep gratitude journal

You may agree with me that our brain is loaded with memories of goodness that it hardly keep track or respond instantly when positive things happen to us. So has been reshaped to go after every tinny bitty negative occurrences. Or we should say that our brain has learn to sought out things that do not make us happy and go after them trying to answer the whys, what and how that initiated the negative event. We easily forget about the joys, the laughter just because of little discomfort or little things that went wrong.

We could keep daily journal of the things we are grateful for. That person we helped who did not even acknowledge us not to mention showing appreciation may not be living in the moment/present (could be absent minded) and did not realize what you did to help. Learn to give the benefit of doubt because it is not very likely that we will know all the circumstances surrounding an event (positive or negative).

Meditation and prayer

It is very important to take a moment to reflect on the day’s events, be grateful for the things you did right, think of how to be better in the future and ask for guidance (prayer). That spiritual exercise is needed to connect the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Form a habit of saying thank you and being nice to others.

When we are persistent and consciously focused on making something to be part of us, part of whom we are, our brain reciprocates. By the time we keep practicing with determination, soon it becomes part of us. Learn to be thankful for every little thing no matter how small. Give a smile to everyone you met. Learn to laugh. Laughing is healthy and helps in keeping you positive, joyous and happy.

When you smile or laugh with someone you do not like so much, soon that dislike turns into like.

Keep journal of inspirational and motivating phrases or statements such as the ones above. Looking at the journal or even reading it often helps one stay focused and positive.

Set weekly goals

It might make it easier to stay on track if weekly goal is set to focus on one single strength. For instance, one might say for this week I am going to stay focused and work on being assertive. Being assertive does not mean taking up autocratic or authoritative form of relationship with your peers or coworker but to be confident, bold and believing in yourself and not allowing anyone to toss or boss you around.

You goal could be to say hello and thank you to people you meet and have interacted with. It is more delightful and satisfying to share joy than to hoard or withhold joy.

Make stress less a companion. Stress increases the wear and tear of our body and could predispose us to pain and misery in life.



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Hemp CBD OIL Reviewed, what is in it for you (A).

Disclaimer: the aim and goal of this post is not to encourage anyone to start thinking about buying recreational marijuana. This post is in no way promoting marijuana use as recreational or street drug but to encourage more research into all the claims of the medical and health benefits of CBD Oil which is extracted from hemp or marijuana plant. Before you try to purchase CBD oil for all the acclaimed benefits please check with your local authority and ensure it is permitted for use in year area. Do not fail to provide feedback on the product which will help to provide proof or debug the claims. I am using it for anxiety and depression and that is why from time to time I go back to check what is the latest news in that area. I have used it for over a month now and I am doing well.

Hemp or CBD Oil          Cbd Oil, Cbd, Cannabinoid, Oil, Green

Cannabidiol are one of the chemical compounds derived from the hemp or marijuana plant. They are naturally occurring and could be extracted either from the seeds of the plant or from the stalk, leaves or buds of the plants. The type of CBD Oil depends on the brand, method/process of extraction and additives.

CBD oil without the highs (THC) are legal and could be from the hemp or marijuana plant. Hemp plants grown with higher level of THC, the psychoactive compound is called the marijuana and are illegal in some countries and some states of the US because of the high level of Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Raw Hemp Oil as one of the brands of CBD oil

Raw hemp oil contain about 0.3% of THC. Endoca products are one of the many brands of Hemp/CBD oils sold today through the internet for their claimed therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Endoca products are derived from hemp plants. Cannabidiol compounds are one of the over 100 molecular compounds contained in hemp plant (cannabis).

Hemp is a strain of cannabis that contain THC, the psychoactive substance that causes highs in recreational drugs. CBD oil from hemp plant contain some amount of THC as much as 0.3%  at most to be legal. Hemp oil refers to any oil extracted from the hemp plant.

The hemp or marijuana plant contain other essential elements such as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, fatty acids and other non-psychoactive compounds. Hemp contain high level of CBD and is mainly produced for its industrial use while marijuana is produced essentially for its commercial (medical) and recreational use. Marijuana plant has higher THC than hemp plant

Health and medical Benefits

Be it CBD oil from hemp or marijuana, stalk, leaves, seeds or the buds, CBD Oil is making history with the many claims that it has medicinal and health promoting effects such as anti inflammatory properties, could manage anxiety and depression, seizure etc. Some of these health benefits were discussed in my previous posts

wealthysite,org/cbd oil:facts and myths. 

wealthysite.org/cbd oil facts and myths


CBD Oil Review: what is in it for you and your health
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Reviews by 2,460 people with ratings as follows

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The CBD oil here has a dropper which makes it easy to use and to avoid overdose.

How are they extracted

Methods of extraction varies but most common and safest methods are carbon 1x oxide based extraction and Oil based extraction.

CO2 based extraction is done using CO2 under pressure. It produces the finest and purest compound of CBD Oil.

Oil-based is done by soaking the hemp plant in carrier oil. To read more about CBD and extraction process go to Project CBD.org

CBD Oil: Facts and myths #1



What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil also known as Cannabidiol oil is derived from cannabis and is non-psychoactive substance as opposed to one that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is psychoactive and causes the highs in street drugs and can cause addiction. CBD oil since it does not contain THC is likely not going to be addictive.

There are claims that CBD oil could be used to treat withdrawal symptoms. There has been claims that this oil could be used to treat variety of health conditions such as arthritis, pain, tremor (experimented with rats).
It is also claimed to treat anxiety and depression, menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.
Side Effects https://verifiedcbd.com/testimonials/ 

Personally, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression (more of mood swing due to hormonal changes before and during menstrual period)

I have been on all kinds of psychotropic medications for anxiety, depression, mood swing and managing the discomforts of menstruation. Recently I have read a lot of blogs on CBD oil and discussed with people, read materials written by the manufacturers.

I found the uses very interesting and worthy of checking out as it is hard to figure out exactly what is causing my problems. I have bad experience with some of the psychotropic medications. Some affect my prolactin level to a very high level while some causes weight gain, edema (water retention).

Some of these side effects I could not handle and some I could. Recently someone suggested CBD oil for my anxiety and panic attack. I have been using CBD oil for some weeks now.

I have not had attacks or feel like the sky is falling but sometimes I feel woozy though not sleep. Very alert and little spinning feeling though blood pressure may not be high or low. Though it was advised not to drink alcohol but because of all the celebrations I have had some red wine during this period.

So, I just want to share my experience with it before I ask other people for their experiences. Some bloggers claimed that it does not have any side effect but from medical stand point it may interfere with the absorption of some medications in your system. It could be more advisable to discuss with a healthcare provider before using the medication depending on the health issues you have.


The benefits I have seen so far is that if it works for you it could cut down on taking thousand and one pills with all their different side effects as well.
Some brands may be cheaper to buy than the regular refills at the pharmacy.
If it works for you, may be safer than your regular refill meds at the pharmacy.
Discuss with a health care professional and you can see 5 star reviews and testimonies here at


My goal here is not to promote legalization of marijuana, far from that. My goal is to encourage more research into all these health benefits of CBD oil and if proven beyond reasonable doubt to be accurate, should be approved by drug administration, made available to those who need it for medical reasons and should be covered by insurance companies as like other prescription medications.

We all know about the highs of illegal marijuana and the implications of overdose and inappropriate use of the drug. We know better as a society than to expose our young generation to mayhem, nervous breakdown and societal chaos.

Our goal should be to protect, provide and preserve healthy living for our young and teach sound moral values for a healthy society.

Disclaimer. The health benefits listed here on any of my posts on CBD oil are yet to be verified. This does not mean inducing any product or encourage anyone to buy without first discussing with a health care professional. Check your local areas for legality before purchasing CBD Oil.