About Me

Hello, Regina Here.

Welcome to my site wealthysite.org where I teach about BLS/CPR and blog about the health benefits of CBD Oil especially in managing anxiety and depression.

BLS/CPR is all about saving life and maintaining a healthy living physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, socially and mindfully. I am a health care provider which involves providing care to others. As a nurse I have worked in and outside of health care facilities. I have served both young and mature at heart.

I started American Heart Care BLS/CPR training center to assist in training individuals, groups and communities on the skills needed during emergency. Heart attack is one of the leading cause of death in the US due to chronic heart disease or acute cardiac crisis. Providing the necessary skills to assist and sustain life till advanced assistance arrives is very crucial and that is what I teach people.

This site also creates awareness to the benefits of using CBD products in pain management, anxiety, panic attack, depression, siezures, tremors, inflammatory diseases and a lot more. Knowledge is power and we all need reliable information to make informed decisions be it regarding our health and well being or financial stability.


CPR/BLS is about saving life, is about sustaining life and preventing untimely death. Preventing preventable death and saving families from pain and agony that comes with loss of loved ones.

Providing information on the benefits of CBD oil will save some people the pain of going through some other options that may either be causing them more harm and/or increasing emotional stress and bodily pain as well as waisting money on things that may not work for them.

THE GOAL of this wealthysite.org

The goal and purpose of this website @ wealthysite.org is to create awareness, encourage and inspire individuals and groups to go for CPR training as we do not know who, when and where. It also educated and informs people about the medicinal benefits of CBD Oil and how to pick and chose the product that is right for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment or a question or email me at gina@wealthysite.org for wealthysite.org.
Thanks and God bless.